Keeping up Appearances

Fashion might not be a lawyer’s expertise, but neither is it completely irrelevant.  There is no denying that we live in an age of more casual dress than our forefathers; suits and ties have been replaced by slacks and dress shirts, and many esteemed places of employment such as Microsoft and Google now allow completely… [...]

The Difference of Affordable Representation

Finding affordable representation can seem an impossible task, especially during tough economic times.  Unfortunately, this results in many lower and middle-income people being unable to secure private counsel, which has a number of downsides.  Public Defenders find themselves overworked, and those accused of crimes find themselves losing faith in the justice system. Thankfully, although we… [...]

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a local prosecutor.  I was expressing some concern over a troubling dynamic, most easily illustrated by a hypothetical:  Imagine two attorneys, each presented with the same criminal case by a client searching for representation. The first attorney is honest with the potential client, telling her that it… [...]

Counseling Criminals

It is probably not a complete surprise that many (if not most) people accused of crimes are in fact guilty.  At least, guilty of something.  Clients often come to me with little or no hope, wondering what (if anything) can be done.  One of the first things that I tell them is that although they… [...]

Defending the Guilty

As my first blog on this site, it seems fitting to attempt an answer at what is commonly the first question I get asked as a criminal defense attorney:  How do you justify defending the guilty?  The democratic process has established activities that are so undesirable that they have been deemed criminal.  Defending the innocent… [...]